Top Things to Know

Digital Banking Important Information

  • When you login to the new experience for the first time, please check your alerts to ensure they are set to your preference. We have made every effort to bring over transaction and balance alerts; however, it is possible that not all were migrated due to compatibility.
  • Log in for the first time using the same username and password you’ve been using.
  • Recurring internal transfers have been canceled. You will need to take action to set these back up in the new platform.
  • You will need to take action to review and update alerts as needed. Not all alerts were migrated to the new platform (e.g., account balance alerts).  
  • For business clients:
    • If you scheduled a one-time ACH batch to be effective between Jan. 22-26, that batch will process as expected, though you will not see the initiation of the batch in your new Online Activity Center. This will show in your transaction history once posted.
    • Recurring ACH batches with a processing date of Jan. 24 and beyond have been canceled.  You will need to take action to set these back up if you need this payment to continue. Please Note: Any recurring ACH effective between Jan. 22-23 will process as expected.
    • Review the information in all ACH batches and Wire templates prior to processing payments.