Transfer your money quickly and safely.


Cut off time for domestic wire transfers is 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time and 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time for international wire transfers. After this specific time, wire transfer requests will be processed on the next business day.

You must conduct wire transfers:

  • in person at a banking office
  • via email – client will be required to provide the appropriate PIN during callback to the client
  • via online banking for specific corporate customers
  • via the telephone (only honored if MVB personnel know without a doubt with whom they are speaking) with a callback to client

Required information to conduct a wire transfer:

  • All outgoing wire transfers require the completion of the Wire Transfer Authorization
  • Physical address of the originator and beneficiary
  • Identification of the originator (photo ID)
  • Beneficiaries must have OFAC verification
  • All information pertaining to outgoing wire must be obtained in the local office of origination
  • Customers who routinely conduct email or telephone wire transfers will need to sign a Wire Transfer Agreement

International wire transfers:

  • They must have a SWIFT code
  • They are not next-day transactions. It may take several days to be received at beneficiary’s bank
  • They are generally sent in U.S. dollars
  • They cannot be sent to all countries
  • Both the originator and beneficiary must have OFAC verification, as well as the beneficiary bank
  • Foreign wire transfers are subject to the same second party verification as domestic wire transfers

For more information about wire transfer services, please contact your local banking location or call our toll free number 844-MVB-BANK (844-682-2265)