Get Started – Digital Banking

I. Intro

A. What digital banking is

  1. Online platform
  2. Mobile app
  3. Hub for scheduling reoccurring payments, sending/receiving money, etc. 

B. How digital banking helps manage your money, improves life

  1. No more standing in line at the bank (e.g. mobile check deposit)
  2. Consolidates numerous other functions (e.g. estatements
  3. Provides big picture of client’s finances

II. How to Enroll in Digital Banking

A. Enroll from Digital Banking page on

  1. Enter SSN, account number, email, phone number?
  2. What happens from here? Do they get a verification email, or what?

III. Getting Started

A. Creating your profile

  1. Update your profile with your email, phone number, and address
  2. Set up alerts to notify you of your account balance, suspicious spending, etc.
  3. Documents
    • View photos of deposited checks
    • View ATM and branch receipts
    • View tax documents
    • Go paperless with estatements

B. Using P2P payer

  1. Add a few contacts
  2. Set up your pay-from accounts
  3. Manage your QuickPay settings

IV. Download the App

A. From the Digital Banking page, visit either the Apple App or Google Play store

B. Install the app

C. Create your login

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