Digital Payments

Personal finance looks different than it did even ten years ago. At MVB, we offer the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve. Our full suite of digital solutions provide a best-in-class banking experience accessible from anywhere, including digital payment technology designed to simplify and track expenditures from your accounts.

Our digital payment options keep you in control of your outgoing funds, provide accurate insight to where your money is going and organize your financial transactions in a clear and concise way.

1. P2p Payments

  • Paying back someone you owe or splitting a dinner bill with friends can become a scramble to find an ATM or the right amount of spare change. Our person-to-person (P2P) payment solution makes it easy to settle up. P2P payments take the guesswork out of small transactions by allowing you to send money directly from your bank account to the account of someone you know—without fees, almost instantly.
  • P2P technology gives you the power to send payments to almost anybody, and with our app-integrated solution, money can be sent from one account to another in just a matter of seconds. You can digitally pay rent to your landlord instead of tracking down your checkbook, contribute $10 to your coworker’s baby shower gift that the whole office is chipping in for, or put in your share of gas money for a road trip with friends. 

2. Online Bill Pay

  • Online bill pay helps you cut down on the clutter of paper mail and makes it easier to access your bills and other information. With online bill pay, it’s easy to identify your regular expenditures and schedule payments to those services and providers from within our digital banking portal. Eligible companies can be integrated into our portal and amounts due will automatically populate in your account for review. Once you’ve opted out of paper communications with those companies, all bills can be tracked and paid through your MVB digital banking account. It doesn’t get more convenient than this.
  • Online bill pay can also help you facilitate gift checks and donations to charitable organizations, even in the form of mailing a paper check to your desired recipient.

3. Mobile Wallet

  • Plastic debit and credit cards are a decades-old technology that often lead to cumbersome payment experiences and are more susceptible to identity theft than ever before. Our mobile wallet solutions give you a quicker, more secure alternative for the transactions that keep you moving.
  • Our mobile app boasts full capability with services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. So, no mater your platform, you can configure your MVB credit and debit cards as a mobile wallet payment option. Once you’ve completed set-up, making payments is as easy holding your phone near compatible card terminals, validating your purchase with security measures such as TouchID and FaceID, and your payment will be completed automatically.
  • All mobile wallet solutions are backed by end-to-end encryption, and use a unique identifier code to keep your card information safe. Having your phone as your primary way to pay not only minimizes fumbling through multiple swipes at a glitchy terminal, but protects you from identity theft more than ever before.

All these tools are built into our digital banking platform to make your life easier. Give them a try next time you log into MVB Digital Banking. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call

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